Evolights iQ-200Sprofessional LED spot moving head equipped with a 200 watt white LED, 8 colors with rainbow effect and color bounce, rotational and static gobo wheels with seven patterns, indexing, gobo shake and animation effect, 3-arm and 8-arm rotational prism, motorized focus, frost filter, iris and RDM function.

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Product description

Evolights iQ-200S is a professional spot stage lighting which is perfect for various types of stages, dance clubs and discos. It is also ideal for bands and event companies as well as mobile DJs. The moving head is equipped with a very powerful 200-watt white LED. Thanks to it, the luminous flux is at the level of more than 6,300 lumens which makes the spotlight perfect even on larger stages.

IQ-200S has a color wheel with 8 intense light coloring filters. The colors are indexed and the movement of the wheel is bidirectional. In addition, the head can create rainbow effect and color bounce effect. Two gobo wheels allow the use of 7 rotating and 7 static beam shaping patterns. The patterns are indexed and can create animation as well as shake (gobo shake) effects. What’s more, the moving head offers two types of prisms: 3-facet and 8-facet – both rotatable. Also noteworthy are frost and iris filters to soften the light output respectively as well as motorized focus and a full range dimmer.

Evolights iQ-200S has color LCD display with the option to reverse the data displayed on it. This feature comes in handy especially when the heads work suspended from ramps and stage trusses. Another big advantage is the RDM function which allows remote inversion of the parameters displayed on the screen as well as changing the DMX address of the head. On the rear of the device, there is a power input/output and 3- and 5-pin XLR input/output for controlling the head via DMX protocol. The head can operate in 4 modes:

  • auto – it uses built-in programmes and lighting styles to light up;
  • sound – the LED head uses a built-in sensitive microphone to synchronise its operation with the sounds and rhythm of the music coming from its surroundings;
  • master/slave – the devices work in groups and the first head in the DMX line imposes a synchronised style on the other devices;
  • DMX – external lighting controllers are used to control one or group of heads.

IQ-200S spot is a fully professional stage lighting system. The multitude of effects and functions allows operators of this spot to create amazing light shows during various types of events. Also noteworthy are the high quality of workmanship and the electronics used in the head as well as the very decent price.

Technical specification

Light source: 200 W white LED

Luminous flux: 6377 lumens, 35420 lux at 2.5 m

Control: remote on/off via DMX

Power supply: switched-mode

Beam angle: 12°

PAN: 630° (3,2 s) or 540° (2,9 s) reversible

TILT: 233° (1,9 s) reversible

Resolution: 16-bit

Auto repositioning: yes

Color wheel: 8 + open, interchangeable, indexable and bidirectional

Color effects: rainbow effect, color bounce

Rotational gobo wheel: 7 patterns + open, interchangeable

Static gobo wheel: 7 + open

Gobo wheel diameter: ext Ø27 mm, int Ø22 mm

Gobo effects: indexing, gobo shake, animation effect

DMX channels: 14/16/23/25

Autofocus: motorized

Dimmer: full range 0-100%

Strobe: random operation modes

Prisms: 3- and 8-facet, rotational

Frost filter: yes

Iris filter: yes

RDM function: DMX address change, display inversion

Software update: via DMX

Signal hold after loss of DMX: yes

Temperature indicator: yes (bases, LEDs)

Fan speed change: auto (depending on temperature)

Display: 2.4-inch LCD, auto-lock, flip function

Max power consumption: 270 W

Power connectors: Powercon input and output

DMX connectors: 3- and 5-pin XLR

Input voltage: AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Dimensions: 34,3 x 26,2 x 45,6 cm

Weight: 12,5 kg

Original packaging and filling.