Evolights Nebula 3000 – one of the most professional heavy fog machines (heavy smoke generators, heavy fog generators), having a high class of protection (IP65), intended for use on large stages, in theaters, on film sets, as well as in clubs and discos.

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Product description

Evolights Nebula 3000 is a professional and one of the most technically advanced heavy fog machines (heavy fog generators, heavy smoke generators). The need for dry ice has been eliminated thanks to ultrasonic technology. The device was designed for large stage and theater productions, film sets, as well as large-area clubs and discos.

The box body of the machine was made of a single cast. The waterproof housing is integrated with the chassis on wheels and equipped with handles for carrying it. At the top there are capacious service tanks for water and specialized fluid. After filling them and turning on the power, the device is ready for operation after approx. 5 min. The front part has two outlets with a quick connector for connecting flexible hoses through which heavy fog is distributed. On the back there is a powercon switch and power socket, as well as 3- and 5-pin sockets for sending DMX signals. All ports have special insulation and rubber covers to protect against dust, moisture and rainfall. Above the connectors there is a control panel in the form of a readable LCD display and four buttons (Menu, Timer, Volume, Stop). They allow you to manually adjust such operating parameters as the volume and speed of smoke emission and program the interval between successive ejections. They also allow you to select the DMX mode, thanks to which the fog generator can be controlled via external controllers and the console. Below the water tank line there is a hole, thanks to which we can easily get rid of water excess after finishing work.

Nebula 3000 is currently one of the most specialized and efficient smoke generators among this type of stage effects designed by EVOLIGHTS. The high tightness design, advanced protection against fluid shortages, low fluid consumption as well as high performance and surface that can be covered by heavy fog make it a fully professional smoke production machine.


Product advantages

  • durable body structure welded with austenite and protected with an anti-corrosive primer
  • integrated, plastic case on wheels for easy machine movement
  • drain hole for remaining fluid from the water tank
  • advanced protection against running fluids and water
  • watertight and secured against loosening of the socket plugs
  • low fluid consumption – tank with capacity 3.4 liters allow for 100 min. work at full capacity
  • manual control via LCD panel or via DMX protocol
  • DJ Power PRO-V, PRO-A and PRO-C professional operating fluids provide an amazing special effect

Technical specification

Rated voltage: AC220-240V, 50/60 Hz

Fuse: 15A, 250V

Power supply – total power consumption: 2700W

Operating current: 11,7A

Heating time: 4 ~ 5 min.

Power input connector: PowerCon True IP65 blocked

Maximum output power: 20,000 CFM (square feet per min.)

Atomizer – total power consumption: 1200W

Number of emitters: 4

Power consumption of each emitter: 300W

Fluid tank capacity: 3,4L (0,9 gal.)

Water chamber capacity: 34L (9 gal.)

Consumables: PRO-V, PRO-A, PRO-C, water

Volume: adjustable

Volume adjustment range: 1-100%

Maximum coverage: 400 m2

Fluid consumption at full capacity: 34,7 ml/min.

Water consumption at full capacity: 480 ml/min.

Emission: continuous, interval, manually or DMX controlled

Total working time at full capacity: ~ 100 minutes

Thermostat: physical

Thermo-control: electronic

Fan speed: adjustable

Protection: against lack of liquids and water

Heater type: aluminum heating block

Manual control: LCD control panel

Control protocol: DMX-512

DMX channels: 3

Data connectors: 3- and 5-pin XLR

Distribution hoses: 2 pcs, 3 m, Ø125 mm (5 inches) – nozzles (tips) are not included and will be available as a separate product

Power cord: PowerCon True

Device dimensions: 885 × 500 × 455 mm

Packaging dimensions: 1095 × 570 × 535 mm

Net weight: 46 kg

Gross weight: 52,5 kg

Original packaging and filling.