EVOLIGHTS SMOOTH PAR 12X10W RGBWA-UV LED IP65 – professional outdoor stage light equipped with 12 powerful, 10-watt LEDs operating with RGBWA palette light and UV light, excellent color mixing system and 4 dimmer curves.

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Product description

EVOLIGHTS SMOOTH PAR IP65 is a professional LED light equipped with 12 very powerful, 10-watt LEDs operating in the RGBWA color palette (red, green, blue, white, amber) and ultraviolet (UV) light. Thanks to the high degree of protection provided by the housing (IP65), the device is ideal for open music stages, festivals and various types of shows, theatre and television as well as outdoor architectural lighting.

The robust LED par housing has a modern design. It is made of aluminium, so the device does not require additional fan cooling and is specially protected against access to electrically conductive parts. Mounting bracket is attached to the sides of the body, allowing the LED illuminator to operate in a standing position or be suspended from lighting ramps and stage trusses. On the back, there are PowerCon type sockets (including a so-called ‘power linking’ allowing voltage to be applied directly from device to device), and XLR input and output for the transmission of DMX signals. All sockets have rubber caps to protect them from dust and water. Control panel has been installed above the sockets in the form of a graphic LCD (TFT) display and four buttons. Using these, we can select one of several light operating modes:

  • auto – LED light operates independently, using either ten automatic or ten editable operating programmes;
  • master/slave – the pars, for synchronous operation, are connected in series with each other via XLR sockets and DMX cables, and the operation of the first unit in the line affects the way the other units light up;
  • DMX – external controllers and consoles – managing lighting functions – are used to control the pars.

SMOOTH PAR IP65 is a specialised led light by Evolights. In addition to its high degree of protection and resistance to low and high temperatures, it is characterised by professional features. These include up to 11 white color temperatures, a full-range dimmer with four dimming curves and strobe function with a wide range of flash frequency adjustment. The device is excellent for stage lighting. It can be used on open stages, in theatres or on film sets, as well as external LED illuminator for architectural elements. This is undoubtedly one of the best PARs in the Evolights product catalog!

Technical specification

Light source: 12x10W LED RGBWA-UV

Beam angle: 15°

DMX channels: 3/6/8/10/13

Built-in color temperatures: 11

Dimmer: full range 0-100%, 4 dimmer curves

Strobe: with adjustable flash rate

Cooling: convective

Programs: 10 built-in, 10 editable

Housing: aluminium

Operating temperature: -30°C/+45°C

Max power consumption: 144W

Power connectors: PowerCon in/out

Input voltage: 100-240V, 50/60 Hz

Dimensions: 280,3 x 142,6 x 288,3 mm

Weight: 5 kg

Original packaging and filling.