Solid and ergonomic case for six AC PAR 115 reflectors or other equipment of simi­lar dimensions. The chest has an integrated system that allows charging of battery de­vices.

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Product description

This case has been designed for convenient transport and storage of AC PAR 115 reflectors, but it will also successfully accommodate other par reflectors with dimensions similar to AC PAR 115. Its biggest advantage is the integrated system that allows you to charge battery-powered lighting. This is possible thanks to the PowerCon input mounted on the outside of the housing, which is branched into six separate power sockets inside the case.

The case is made of durable, thick plywood reinforced with solid fittings. The box is equipped with four swivel wheels (including 2 with a block) and 4 handles on the sides, enabling it to be easily transported. The one-sided lid provides convenient access to stored devices. Its outer part has four special cavities for wheels, enabling the placing of another case on it, which greatly facilitates the transport and storage of equipment. The interior has six separate chambers for spotlights, a large compartment for accessories and a panel with power sockets. Two butterfly locks make the trunk very well protected against accidental opening. This is a high quality case for lighting equipment at the lowest possible price from the Music Express store!

Technical specification

Case width: 64 cm

Case length: 64 cm

Case height: 30 cm (+ 10 cm feet)

Thickness of the wall: ~2 cm

Number of compartments for devices: 6

Compartment width: 18,5 cm

Compartment length: 20 cm

Compartment depth: 17,5 cm

Case closing: 2 solid butterfly locks

Interior: padded with foam

Profiles: aluminum

Corners: steel

Wheels: 4 swivel, 2 with lock