iQ-150S – a professional, moving LED spot head with 150W power, equipped with 8 colored filters, a rotating gobo wheel with seven patterns, a 3-arm prism, motorized (and precise) focus and manually adjustable zoom.

SKU: 5907780141983.

Product description

iQ-150S is a professional, stage moving head (type: spot) from the reliable series of specialized Evolights iQ heads. The reflector is equipped with a very efficient, 150-watt LED emitting strong white light. It is perfect as stage lighting during live concerts, various types of performances, shows and gala, as well as in large dance clubs and discos.

The LED head has a color wheel, on which there are 8 filters staining a light beam, as well as a bidirectional gobo wheel, on which there are 7 modern, rotational beam-shaping patterns. Patterns and colors can be indexed, which means that they can only cover a selected fragment of the beam – this is a very interesting effect that allows you to create unusual shapes and subtle color combinations. The moving spot is also equipped with a 3-arm prism splitting a beam of light, motorized focus, as well as manually controlled zoom in the range of 13 to 18°.

The base of the moving head is equipped with convenient handles that allow it to be moved and installed on trusses and lighting ramps. On the side there are power sockets (including the so-called “pass on” enabling voltage transfer directly from the device to the device), and 3-pin XLR connectors enabling control of the reflector using the DMX protocol. The control panel in the form of a digital display and four buttons has been installed on the front. With their help, we can operate the menu panel and also choose one of the LED spot modes that interest us:

  • Auto, in which the moving LED head operates independently based on the built-in styles and work programs;

  • Sound, in which the reflector uses a built-in, sensitive microphone and works independently, moving and shining to the rhythm of the music from the environment;

  • Master/Slave, when units are connected to each other in teams via DMX sockets and cables, and the first device in the line determines the synchronous work style of the whole group;

  • DMX, when external consoles and lighting controllers are used to control a single stage head or set of devices.

The moving head iQ-150S is a professional equipment that perfectly creates the lighting for all types of events. It can work on various types of stages, as well as during performances in homes and cultural centers. It also works as lighting for a wedding band or a DJ. This is a fully professional, yet cheap LED moving head in this class of devices, available at the best price from the Music Express store!

Technical specifications

Light source: white LED diode 150W

Lamp life: 60000 hours

Luminous flux: 4031 lumens, 18600lux@3m

Pan: 630° (4 sec.), 540° (3,58 sec.)

Tilt: 265° (2,8 sec.)

Precision of movements: 16‐bit

Auto-reposition: yes

Color wheel: 8 + open (indexed colors)

Color effects: rainbow effect, color bounce

Number of DMX channels: 11/14

Focus: motorised

Zoom: manual in the range of 13° to 18°

Dimmer: full-range 0-100%

Stroboscope: adjustable frequency

Prism: 3-arm

Software update: via DMX

Hibernation mode: yes

Cooling: thermostat-controlled fan

Display: LED

Display inversion: yes

Power supply: AC 100-240V, 50/60 Hz

Gobo wheel: 7 + open (indexed patterns)

Gobo effects: bidirectional rotation, animation effect, gobo shake

Gobo wheel diameter: outer 23 mm; inner 18 mm

Power consumption: 160W

Fuse: T 3.15A, 250 V

Dimensions: 299 x 252 x 431 mm

Weight: 10 kg

In set:

  • user manual
  • power cord PowerCon 1,5 m
  • omega bracket for installation
  • safety cable