iQ-180S – professional stage spotlight in the form of a 180 W spot moving head, desi­gned for use on small and medium-sized music and theater stages, in clubs and dis­cos as well as during events.

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Product description

iQ-180S is a professional spot type moving head, designed for use in stage technique. The reflector is equipped with a 180-watt LED that emits a much brighter light beam than traditional heads with similar power. In addition, technologically advanced optics evenly distributes the light intensity between the edges of the beam which eliminates the formation of local darkening. The head has a wide range of horizontal and vertical movements, a built-in color wheel as well as two gobo – rotary and static – wheels. What’s more, the reflector is equipped with an electronically adjustable focus, 3- and 8-facet prism, frost function as well as a very fast iris. The power switch, two PowerCon sockets (enabling Power Linking) and DMX input/output are mounted on the back of the device base. The front part has an LCD display and four control buttons to operate the mul­tilingual menu. The head can work in one of four modes:

  • Auto – the head operates independently using the built-in lighting programs;
  • Sound – the reflector synchronizes its operation with the music from the environment thanks to a very sensitive microphone;
  • Master/Slave – devices are connected in series to work in sets and the first device (connected to the line) manages the work of other heads;
  • DMX512 – the head is controlled by the standard DMX protocol, performing commands sent by external controllers and consoles.

iQ-180S can also be managed remotely thanks to the built-in RDM function which is an extension of the protocol to USITT DMX512. It enables bidirectional communication between the lighting or system controller and connected RDM compliant devices via a standard DMX line. This protocol allows configuration, status monitoring and headlight management in a way that does not interfere with the normal operation of standard DMX512 devices that do not recognize the RDM protocol. The device is cooled by a silent fan designed to optimize the operation of the whole device and ensure the reflector’s proper operation. The dynamics of this head, its universality and relatively low price in relation to offered possibilities make it an ideal solution for small and medium music/theater stages. It works great in clubs, discos, during events as well as in the mobile work of DJs. Its durability and solid construction – typical of professional equipment – give a guarantee of reliability confirmed by many customers of the Music Express store.

Product advantages

  • RDM (Remote Device Management) – thanks to this function, we can perform remote changes in device control i.e., DMX address change, inversion of pan/tilt movements, check device temperature, power consumption, fan speed, etc.; each device is assigned a unique RDM code for easier identification – it is not recommended to change it

  • software update via DMX cable – if there is a new firmware for this device, it can easily be updated – no need to change any components; there is no installation package in the set and you only need to contact the distributor to update the software

  • hibernation – the headlight will go into sleep mode for energy saving if it remains disconnected from the DMX signal for a long time; the device will return to work after receiving the signal; the function can easily be turned on/off

  • battery powered display – a function that allows you to change settings without connecting the power supply; just mount a 10440 600 mAh 3.7 V lithium battery

  • spare IC communication – a communication chip has been mounted on the display board, thanks to which the user can change it in the event of a failure without a long wait for service

  • display orientation inversion – useful function when the device is hanged on; just hold the “Up” and “Down” buttons for 3 seconds

Technical specification

Light source: high quality white 180 W LED

Light source lifespan: approx. 60,000 hours

Luminous flux: 11000 lm, 25300 lx @ 2.5 m

Illuminance: 51800 lx @ 2 m; 24200 lx @ 3 m; 8850 lx @ 5 m

Power consumption: 270 W

Fuse: T 3,15 A, 250 V

Beam angle: 12°

Dimmer: full-range (0-100%)

Iris: yes (quick)

Pan: 630° (4 sec) or 540° (3,58 sec)

Tilt: 233° (2,8 sec)

16-bit movement range: yes

Spot diameter: 55 cm @ 2 m; 76 cm @ 3 m; 121 cm @  5 m

Autorepositioning: yes

Color wheel: 8 colors + open

Color bounce effect: yes

Rainbow effect: interchangeable, indexable and bidi­rectional

Gobo diameter: external 27 mm, internal 22 mm

Gobo Shake: yes

Static gobo wheel: 7 + open

Rotary gobo wheel: 7 + open, position index option

Gobo animation effect: yes

DMX channels: 23/24/14/16

Software update via DMX: yes

Hibernation function: yes (in case of DMX signal loss)

Fan speed: adjusted automatically – according to the tem­perature of the device

Strobe effects: yes (various)

Rotary effect wheel: 3- and 8-facet prism + Frost filter

Focus: motorised + auto mode (full range)

Temp. indicators for base, arm and diode: yes

Display: LCD, 2.4 inches, clear and colorful

Display menu: multilingual menu, including English

Display autolock: yes

Display flip: yes

Battery powered display: yes

Dimensions: 343 x 262 x 456 mm

Weight: 15 kg