iQ-1940Z IP

iQ-1940Z IP

IQ-1940Z IP is a very strong wash FX equipped with a fiber optic color mixing system and liquid cooling. An excellent choice for professionals, theaters, operas and for large and medium stages. It emits a very bright beam of light and highly saturated colors.

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Product description

iQ-1940Z IP is a professional, very fast and quiet wash LED reflector in the form of a moving head, equipped with 19 strong, 40-watt Ostar diodes from Osram and precise zoom. The device has a high degree of protection (IP65), which means it is specially protected against heavy rain or dust, so it can be used in external lighting installations. The reflector offers a Pixel Control function that allows you to control the light emission at the level of individual LEDs, so it can also act as a beam or effect light. High-quality components, work culture, expressive and saturated colors make the head ideal for professional, open (music and theater) stages, during external light shows, on film sets as well as archi­tectural lighting.

The reflector‘s electronics are enclosed in a sealed housing equipped with handles for carrying and installing the device on trusses and lighting ramps. The moving LED head has a wide range of panoramic and vertical movements. The zoom function is performed by sliding optics in the form of a matrix of lenses that can disperse light at an angle of 4 to 36 degrees. At the back of the base, there is a powercon power socket, 5-pin DMX input and output, sockets for unit management using the ArtNet protocol as well as an antenna connector, thanks to which the reflector can be controlled remotely. All ports have protective plugs that prevent dust, moisture and rain drops from getting inside. A control panel in the form of a readable 2.4-inch LCD display with five buttons was installed on the front. With its help, we can choose one of several available operation modes of iQ-1940Z IP:

  • Auto, in which the unit works independently based on implemented programs and lighting sequences;

  • Sound, in which the moving LED head, thanks to the sensitive microphone hidden in the housing body, moves and glows to the rhythm of the music;

  • Master/Slave, when the iQ-1940Z IP work in groups, and the first unit in series determines the way the whole team works, thanks to which the devices move and shine harmonically;

  • DMX, when external consoles and lighting control panels are used to control the work of the reflector or combined set of units;

  • ArtNet, when the unit is controlled via Ethernet;

  • Wireless DMX, when management of the unit’s work is carried out in a wireless manner using the W-DMX protocol.

The LED head has also been equipped with support for the RDM function, thanks to which we can address the device wirelessly, change the display orientation or select the led washer operation mode of interest.

iQ-1940Z IP is one of the most interesting and at the same time relatively inexpensive offers of the wash reflector in the offer of the Music Express store. The head offers many features appreciated by professionals. It allows you to create matrix effects, has an adjustable strobe frequency and several built-in simulations of white color temperature. It is per­fect stage lighting which is a real combine among moving LED heads of this class!

Technical specification

Light source: 19x40W Osram Ostar (4in1) LED, Pixel Control

Illuminance: 13000 lm, 90400 lx @ 3 m @ 4°

Light source power supply: impulse

Zoom: adjustable from 4° to 36°

Pan: 630° (1.56 sec) or 540° (1.3 sec)

Tilt: 265° (0.85 sec)

Movements resolution: 16-bit

Repositioning: automatic

Motor: three-phase, enabling smooth, fast and quiet head movements

Display: LCD, 2.4-inch

Display menu: multilingual

Creating mapping effects: yes (even with simulta­ne­ous dimmer and color fade)

Security level: IP65

DMX channels: 22/99/19/21

Device operation: very fast, smooth and quiet

Dimmer: full-range (0-100%)

Strobe rate: adjustable

RDM function: yes

Hibernation function: in case of DMX signal loss

Built-in simulations of white shades: yes (values: 2000 – 2700K, 3200K, 4200K, 5600K and 8000K)

Fan operation: automatically regulated

Temperature indicator: for arm, head and base

Dispalay autolock: yes

Display flip: yes

Special heat dissipation system: yes

Original packaging and filling: yes

Max power consumption: 615 W

PSU: electronic with range autoregulation

Voltage: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Device dimensions: 493 x 255 x 575 mm

Packaging dimensions: 750 x 630 x 450 mm

Net weight: 35 kg

Gross weight: 38 kg