Hybrid luminaire based on a white LED and high-quality optics. It will successfully cope as a beam, wash or spot. It is equipped with a battery, mechanical zoom, auto­focus and RDM.

SKU: IQ200H.

Product description

iQ-200H is a hybrid moving head based on a high-quality lens system and an innovative white LED. The emitted light beam can successfully replace devices based on discharge lamps with a power of about 400-500 W. Sharpness, color saturation, quiet and fast operation as well as efficient cooling system make this 200-watt hybrid perfect not only for concerts and large events, but also for theaters. The device has been equipped with two gobo wheels (rotary and static), 3F prism, iris and smooth linear frost.

Technical specification

Light source: technically advanced 200 W LED

Light source lifetime: approx. 60,000 hours

Luminous flux: 16000 lm

Illuminance: 61100 lx @ 2.5 m @ 7.5°

Light source power supply: impulse

Zoom: adjustable in the range of 7.5-40°

Autofocus: yes

Dimmer: 0-100% (full range)

Pan: 630° (4.0 sec) or 540° (3.58 sec)

Tilt: 265° (2.8 sec)

16-bit range of movements: yes

Autorepositioning: yes

Color wheel: 8 dichroic filters + open

Rainbow effect: bidirectional

Color bounce: yes

Animation effects: yes (distinctive)

Temp. indicator: for arm, base and head

DMX channels: 24/25/15/17

Prism: 3 facet

Frost: linear with a smooth transition

Strobe rate: adjustable

Iris: yes (quick)

RDM function: yes

Display: LCD, 2.4 inches, clear and colorful

Display menu: multilingual, including English

Display autolock: yes

Display flip: yes

Software upgrade via DMX: yes

Fan: automatically regulated operation

Gobo diameter: external 27 mm , internal 22 mm

Rotary gobo wheel: 7 + open, position change option

Static gobo wheel: 7 + open

Gobo Shake: yes

Max power consumption: 300 W

PSU: electronic (automatic range adjustment)

Hibernation function: yes (in case of DMX signal loss)

Power connectors: PowerCon IN/OUT

DMX connectors: 3- and 5-pin IN/OUT

Voltage: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz

Original packaging and filling: yes

Dimensions: 369 x 623 x 324 mm

Weight: 20,5 kg