High functionality and versatility connected with reasonable weight. Excellent, sharp edge lighting beam with high density. 

Evolights iQ-280H is a hybrid moving head designed to fulfill the duties of Beam, Spot or Wash depending on the needs and requirements of the user.

Light source of iQ-280H is short arc discharge lamp Osram Sirius HRI 280W and unique optical system, which ensures excellent lighting beam with sharp edges. Zoom range is from 5,5 to 23 degrees for Spot and from 2 to 10 degrees for Beam. Wash effect can be reached thanks to Frost filter connected with the highest beam angle. This fixture has been equipped with color wheel with 13 dichroic filters, 8-facet circular prism, 6-facet linear prism, auto focus, fast zoom and gobo wheels, one gobo wheel with 14 metal static gobos and one gobo wheel with 9 rotational glass gobos. Much versatility, high quality components and relatively low price allow this moving head to compete with the most popular units which can be found on the market. The newest technologies and professional performance presents iQ-280H as a perfect choice for professionals for big and smaller stages, concert halls, television or theatres. iQ-280H on his board has RDM protocol and battery powered display, which enables you to change the settings, like DMX address or Pan/Tilt direction, before you place it on a truss and without power connection.

SKU: IQ280H.

• Light source: Osram Sirius HRI 280W discharge lamp
• Led life: 2.000 hours
• Luminous Flux: 12000lumen, 325000lux@10m
• Control: Remote on/off via DMX
• Ballast: switching mode power supply

Optical System
• Beam angle: 2°-10° beam, 5.5°-23°spot

• Pan: 630° (4.0 sec) or 540°(3.58 sec),
Tilt: 265° (2.8 sec)
• 16-bit resolution
• Auto repositioning

• 13+open, interchangeable, indexable and bidirectional rainbow effect
• New color bounce effect

• Rotating gobo wheel: 9(galss)+open
• Static gobo wheel:14+open
• Real indexable and gobo shaking
• Distinctive gobo animation effect

• DMX channels: 20/23/14/16
• Color wheel: 13+1 colors
• Rotating gobo wheel: 9+1 gobos
• Static gobo wheel:14+open
• Zoom: 2°-10° beam, 5.5°-23°spot
• Motorized focus
• Full range 0-100% dimmer
• Various strobe
• Frost
• 6-Linear + 8-circular prism
• RDM function to change DMX address, display flip, X/Y Reverse and so on
• RDM read voltage, current and power consumption of lamp
• Software upgrade via DMX
• Hibernation when lost DMX for preset time
• Indicate temperature info of base, arm and lamp
• Fan speed auto change according to temperature

• 2.4inch super nice LCD display with friendly English/ Polish/French/Spanish menu
• Auto lock
• Flip
• Back-up communicating IC