Small, quiet and fast head based on high-quality lenses, which will be perfect for both small and large installations, in theaters, clubs and events.

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Product description

iQ-740Z is very dynamic Wash moving head designed for all of those who value exceptional quality and efficiency of the unit. Innovatory optical system with 7 LED diodes 40W and quiet motorized zoom, which ensures beam angle in range 4 to 36 degrees, makes this fixture suitable for versatile professional applications, like theatres or medium and bigger stages. Fixture is equipped with RDM protocol and battery powered display, which enables you to change the settings, like DMX address or Pan/Tilt direction, before you place it on a truss and without power connection.

Technical specification

Light source

  • light source: 7x40W 4in1 LED
  • lamp life: ~60.000 hours
  • brightness: 7000lm, 43000lux@3m@4°
  • diode power supply: on/off mode

Optical system

  • beam angle from 4° to 36°
  • full-range dimmer

Movement range

  • pan: 630° (1.56 sec.) lub 540°(1.3 sec.), tilt: 265° (0.85 sec.)
  • 16-bit
  • auto reposition
  • three-phase motor


  • 2.4 inches, clear and colorful LCD display with multilingual MENU
  • auto lock
  • display orientation change


  • DMX channels: 22/51/19/21
  • super-fast and silent device
  • 7 RGBW LEDs with pixel dimmer
  • RGBW – four LEDs with very vivid, saturated and even colors
  • color temperature: 2700K, 3200K, 4200K, 5600K and 8000K
  • zoom from 4° to 36°
  • full-range (0-100%) dimmer
  • adjustable strobe frequency
  • RDM function, change of display orientation (flip)
  • option to upgrade the software via DMX
  • hibernation function in case of loss of DMX signal
  • housing, arm and light source temperature indicator
  • original packing and filling
  • fan speed adjusted automatically

Power supply

  • max. power consumption: 265W
  • power supply unit: electronic with automatic range adjustment
  • voltage: 100-240V, 50-60Hz

Dimensions and weight

  • device dimensions: 324 x 250 x 456 mm
  • package dimensions: 520 x 420 x 340 mm
  • net weight: 12,1 kg
  • gross weight: 14 kg