iQ-80S V2

iQ-80S V2

Evolights iQ-80S V2 – professional LED spot moving head with compact dimensions and high power, designed for professional applications in television studios, theaters and as stage lighting.

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Product description:

Evolights iQ-80S V2 is a modern, professional spot type moving head with high power. The light source is a high quality white, 80-watt LED, which can successfully replace devices based on a discharge lamp with more than twice the light output. The precise optics create a very bright and even beam of light with a scattering angle from 13° to 18°. The device uses a wheel of eight colors thanks to which we can get a spot of light with a vivid, very saturated color. The equipment also has a rotational gobo wheel (including two glass gobos) that houses seven modern patterns and 3 facet, circular prism.

On the front of the base of the reflector there is a control panel in the form of five buttons and a transparent, color LCD display with a multilingual menu. The displayed operating parameters can be inverted which makes it easy to change the settings of the iQ-80S V2 when the reflector works in a different orientation than vertical. We have several modes of operation to choose from:

  • Auto – the LED head works automatically thanks to the built-in operation programs;

  • Sound – the device synchronizes its work with music thanks to the built-in microphone;

  • Master/Slave – the reflector works in sets;

  • DMX – we can control the operation of the head using external control panels and consoles (in/out sockets).

By using DMX controllers, the operator is able to conveniently control such operating parameters as panoramic (even 630°) and vertical (265°) head movement, dimmer, shutter or strobe. It is also easily to manage the functions of color wheels, gobo patterns and light-splitting prism.

iQ-80S V2 has the Silent mode for very quiet operation of the device and an adjustable diode refresh rate which allows it to be used in TV studios and theaters. The reflector is characterized by high quality that will fully satisfy even the most demanding light designers. If we add the lowest price – compared to other heads of this type offered on the market – we will get a fully compact and best-in-class device available in the Music Express store.

The unique features of the iQ-80S V2 include:

  • RDM (Remote Device Management) – it allows you to remotely change device settings;

  • software update via DMX cable;

  • hibernation – the reflector goes into sleep mode if it is disconnected from the DMX signal for a long time (the function can be turned on or off);

  • battery powered display allowing you to change settings without connecting power.

Technical specification:

Illuminance 13°: 20700 lx @ 2 m; 9830 lx @ 3 m; 3700 lx @ 5 m

Illuminance 18°: 13400 lx @ 2 m; 6450 lx @ 3 m; 2430 lx @ 5 m

Light source: high quality white LED with 80 W power

Luminous flux: 8100 lm

Beam angle: manually adjustable from 13° to 18°

Motorized focus: yes

Full-range dimmer: yes (0-100%)

Pan: 630° (4.0 sec) or 540° (3.58 sec)

Tilt: 265° (2.8 sec)

Movements resolution: 16-bit

Autorepositioning: yes

LED refresh rate: adjustable

Option of software update via DMX: yes

Hibernation function: in case of DMX signal loss

Light spot diameter 13°: 38,5 cm @ 2 m; 55 cm @ 3 m; 89,5 cm @ 5 m

Light spot diameter 18°: 54 cm @ 2 m; 76 cm @ 3 m; 122 cm @ 5 m

Color wheel: 8 + open, indexable

Bidirectional rainbow effect: yes

Color bounce effect: yes

DMX channels: 15/18/11/13

Strobe rate: adjustable

Prism: 3 facet, circular

RDM function: yes

Silent mode: yes

Fan speed: automatically regulated

Display: LCD, 2.4-inch, transparent and color

Display autolock: yes

Display flip: yes

Display menu: multilingual (English, French, Spanish, Polish)

Gobo wheel: 7 rotary + open with adjustable position, including 2 glass gobos

Gobo diameter: external 23 mm; internal 18 mm

Gobo Shake: yes

Expressive and characteristic patterns/effects: yes

Temp. indicator: for the housing and the light source

Max power consumption: 160 W

PSU: electronic with range autoregulation

Power supply connector: Neutrik PowerCON in/out

Input voltage: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz

Dimensions: 400 x 300 x 180 mm

Weight: 8,5 kg

Original packaging and filling.