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Technical requirements and cookies

  • In order to use the Shop, the Customer should have access to a computer workstation or terminal device that has:
    • Internet access;
    • a properly configured web browser;
    • an active and correctly configured e-mail account.
  • The e-Store makes it possible to order services using commonly available software, in the form of web browsers that accept cookies, e.g.: FireFox version 3 or later, Opera version 9 or later, Chrome version 10 or later, Internet Explorer version 8 or later, and Safari.
  • The Shop, with the prior consent of the Buyer, user or their representative, stores cookies on their computer, which are necessary for the conclusion of a distance contract of sale and its execution, as well as for facilitating the use of the Shop’s website by the User and the Buyer by maintaining the session (which makes it unnecessary to re-enter the password) and creating statistics of sub-page views.
  • The files stored by the Shop on the computer of the Buyer, User or their representative do not collect their personal data, do not affect the configuration of the operating system or the software and can be deleted at any time.
  • The Customer may, at any time, delete the cookies placed or block the placement of cookies using the options available in his or her web browser.