Evolights Low Fog – professional, odorless, colorless, non-toxic and very efficient fluid for he­avy fog machines (smoke generators, fog generators) based on purified water and glycol, forming very dense, low-rising and relatively slowly disappearing fog.

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Product description

Evolights Low Fog is professional fluid for heavy smoke generators (heavy fog generators) based on purified water and glycol, designed to create special stage effects. The solution is odor­­less, colorless, non-toxic and thus – safe to use. It is characterized by high efficiency and an excellent effect of low-rising fog. The emitted fog is very dense, white and stays just above the surface for a relatively long time. LOW FOG fluid is perfect as a consumable material for various types of heavy smoke machines. It can be used in dis­cos and pubs, the stage technique, during club concerts as well as at wedding halls and various types of events. It also works great on film sets, creating a unique set design and perfect atmosphere effects.

Technical specification


Fog density: high

Fog disappearance speed: medium

Capacity: 5 L

Container dimensions: 19 x 28 x 13 cm

Weight: 5,1 kg