Evolights iQ-132B – professional beam moving head based on the Osram Sirius HRI 132 W discharge lamp and high-quality optics, characterized by very quiet, dynamic operation as well as a beam of light with high density and sharpness.

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Product description

Evolights iQ-132B is a high class beam type stage moving head, designed for professional applications on all kinds of stages. The reflector is equipped with an Osram Sirius HRI 132 W discharge lamp. Its power and advanced, high-quality optics create a high-density light beam with sharp edges.

The device has a static gobo wheel with the Gobo Shake effect which houses 17 modern designs as well as a color wheel with 14 light-staining filters. The beam is broken by 8 facet prism. Among the systems installed in the head, it is definitely worth mentioning the motorized focus, fast shutter, autorepositioning function as well as strobe mode with adjustable frequency of flashes.

In the side part of the base of the reflector there are IEC power sockets (including “power linking”) as well as DMX input and output. The front panel has a four-segment LED display and Mode / ESC, Up, Down and Enter buttons. Thanks to them, we can choose the operation mode of the device which we want to use:

  • Auto – the headlight operates independently based on the built-in operation programs;

  • Sound – the device uses a sensitive microphone in the front of the base and synchronizes its operation with the sounds of music;
  • Master/Slave – moving heads are connected in series via cables and DMX connectors for synchronous operation;

  • DMX – the headlight is controlled via external devices.

The convenience of using the iQ-132B is provided by several useful functions. This moving head has been equipped with with the RDM function that allows you to change the orientation of the display when the device is in a hanging position, the “hibernation” function in case of DMX signal loss as well as intelligent temperature sensors for the arm, base and head itself which automatically regulate the operation of very quiet fans. It is also worth mentioning that iQ-132B software can be upgraded via the DMX connector.

The Evolights brand makes us used to professional and reliable devices with very attractive prices. It is no different with the iQ-132B. The possibilities offered by this inexpensive stage spotlight are really great. It is recommended by professionals dealing with lighting at large mass events, concerts, in theaters and community centers as well as music bands and companies involved in the preparation of events and the organization of weddings. When you are considering which stage spotlight to choose, it’s worth paying attention to this position in the Music Express store!

Technical specification

Illuminance 13°: 20700 lx @ 2 m; 9830 lx @ 3 m; 3700 lx @ 5 m

Illuminance 18°: 13400 lx @ 2 m; 6450 lx @ 3 m; 2430 lx @ 5 m

Light source: high quality white LED with 80 W power

Luminous flux: 8100 lm

Beam angle: manually adjustable from 13° to 18°

Motorized focus: yes

Full-range dimmer: yes (0-100%)

Pan: 630° (4.0 sec) or 540° (3.58 sec)

Tilt: 265° (2.8 sec)

Movements resolution: 16-bit

Autorepositioning: yes

LED refresh rate: adjustable

Option of software update via DMX: yes

Hibernation function: in case of DMX signal loss

Light spot diameter 13°: 38,5 cm @ 2 m; 55 cm @ 3 m; 89,5 cm @ 5 m

Light spot diameter 18°: 54 cm @ 2 m; 76 cm @ 3 m; 122 cm @ 5 m

Color wheel: 8 + open, indexable

Bidirectional rainbow effect: yes

Color bounce effect: yes

DMX channels: 15/18/11/13

Strobe rate: adjustable

Strobe rate: adjustable

Prism: 3 facet, circular

RDM function: yes

Silent mode: yes

Fan speed: automatically regulated

Display: LCD, 2.4-inch, transparent and color

Display autolock: yes

Display flip: yes

Display menu: multilingual (English, French, Spanish, Polish)

Gobo wheel: 7 rotary + open with adjustable position, including 2 glass gobos

Gobo diameter: external 23 mm; internal 18 mm

Gobo Shake: yes

Expressive and characteristic patterns/effects: yes

Temp. indicator: for the housing and the light source

Max power consumption: 160 W

PSU: electronic with range autoregulation

Power supply connector: Neutrik PowerCON in/out

Input voltage: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz

Dimensions: 400 x 300 x 180 mm

Weight: 8,5 kg

Original packaging and filling.