Evolights Vintage 500 – stylish decorative reflector based on a halogen lamp and a system of 27 half-watt LEDs, offering a wide range of possibilities related to lighting and cre­ating interesting visual effects during various types of events.

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Product description

Evolights Vintage 500 is a stylish decorative reflector in a retro atmosphere. The device offers a wide range of possibilities related to lighting and creating interesting visual effects during various types of events. The equipment allows you to work with various types of halogen lamps (to be purchased separately) – their power is in the range from 300 to 750 W. In addition, the reflector has a system of 27 half-watt LEDs operating light in the RGB color palette. This combination allows the device to emit very sharp light or create subtle effects of delicate glow.

VINTAGE 500 components are enclosed in a cylindrical aluminum housing. On both sides of it there are solid, tightened clamps, holding the double headband that constitutes the mounting handle of the floodlight. At the front there is a stylish mesh, behind which there is a set of diodes and a halogen lamp. The rear part of the body has PowerCon power sockets (including power linking), four DMX sockets (two inputs and outputs) as well as a control panel in the form of an LED display and three buttons (Menu, Up, Down). With their help, we can manually set the way the reflector lights or choose one of several dozen built-in presets. However, the most effective way to control the reflector is DMX. Thanks to it, VINTAGE 500 can be operated using external controllers and consoles or work in series with other units of this type. Then the work is based on the master / slave mode in which the first device plugged into the line imposes the way the other units operate.

VINTAGE 500 is certainly an unusual floodlight designed for light decoration. It works perfectly on all types of stages, in cultural centers, theaters, television studios during programs with the participation of the audience, as well as in clubs, pubs, restaurants and hotels. It can also be successfully used to decorate with light wedding halls, events and all types of occasional events run by mobile DJs.

Technical specification

Power supply: 230 V AC, 50 Hz~

Max. power consumption: 780 W

Protection degree: I

DMX modes: 1/2/4/7

DMX connectors: 3- and 5-pin XLR

Strobe frequency: 20 Hz

Sound control: via the built-in microphone

Number of LEDs: 27

LEDs type: 0,5 W RGB 5050 SMD

Number of lamps: 1

Lamp type: GX9.5 HPL 300-750 W/230 V (not included)

Dimensions (L x W x H): 365 x 705 x 640 mm

Weight: 11 kg

Original packaging and filling.