Evolights X1 – professional heavy fog machine for dry ice (heavy smoke generator, heavy fog generator), ideal for stage applications during concerts, shows, performances, use on film sets, as well as a heavy smoke generator for a mobile DJ, band or event company.

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Product description

Evolights X1 is professional low fog machine which uses dry ice and hot water to produce thick white and sticking to the floor mist. Unit can easily be operated, all you need is to heat up water, fill the basket with dry ice and control the output with a handle. Fixture is equipped with 2 heating elements of 6000 watts of power, which enables it to be used after just 15 minutes, half as much time when comparing to similar units. X1 has basket able to contain up to 8 kg of dry ice, sufficient for around 8 minutes of working and up to 250 m2 coverage. Unused dry ice can be stored inside the machine to 20 minutes. Fog machine is equipped with low water level sensor, which turns off the heater when there is not enough water inside the tank.

Optionally owner of Evolights X1 can add to the machine diversion pipe, moveable cart and flight case.

Technical specification

Warm-up time (one module): 30 min.

Warm-up time (two modules – fast heat-up): 15 min.

Average working time: 4-5 min.

Heating time (one module): 20 min.

Heating time (two modules): 10 min.

Dry ice compartment capacity: 8 kg

Water tank capacity: 18 L

Maximum coverage area: 250 m2

Maximum water temperature: 85°C

Weight (empty): 14 kg

Weight (full): 40 kg

Dimensions: 52.4 x 47.4 x 46.8 cm

Original packaging and filling.