iQ-420H – professional stage head with 420 W power, which combines the features of beam, spot and wash with a zoom from 5° to 50°, being one of the leading Evo­lights products and solid competition for discharge lamps.

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Product description

iQ-420H is a professional stage spotlight that is a real marvel among moving heads, combining the features of beam, spot and wash with zoom giving a beam angle of 5° to 50°. The device is equipped with a very strong, 420-watt white LED, which in combination with high-quality optics emits a stream of light with sharp edges and high density. Over 20,000 lumens mean that the head can successfully fight competition based on powerful discharge lamps. Its undoubted advantages are also a built-in battery that allows you to address the head before hanging it on the structure, support RDM protocol, Frost filter, quick Iris and linear change of CMY colors and color temperature (CTO). The whole enriches a very effective cooling system, guaranteeing a high work culture and reliability.

The device components are enclosed in a solid and very durable plastic housing. The moving head hides an interchangeable eight-color wheel, two gobo wheel – rotatary and static, each with seven original patterns shaping a light beam and 3F prism. At the back of the base, there is a switch and a PowerCon type power socket as well as a 3- and 5-pin input and output for DMX signals. The control panel in the form of an easy-to-read LCD display and five buttons is installed on the front and on the sides there are convenient handles for safely moving the reflector. On the bottom, there are attachments thanks to which the LED head can work in an inverted position on lighting ramps and trusses.

iQ-420H is without a doubt one of the best and most powerful LED heads from Evolights. It can be a beam, spot or wash, which is why it is appreciated by many professional stage lighting producers. It works perfectly on large open stages, during live concerts, final gala events and various types of shows.

Technical specification

Light source: 420 W white LED

Light source lifetime: approx. 20,000 hours

Luminous flux: 20050 lm

Illuminance: 110000 lx @ 2,5 m @ 6°

Light source power supply: impulse

Dimmer: 0-100% (full range)

Pan: 630° (4,0 sec) or 540° (3,58 sec)

Tilt: 265° (2,8 sec)

16-bit range of movements: yes

Autorepositioning: yes

Color wheel: 8 + open, interchangeable

Linear CMY+CTO: yes

Rainbow effect: bidirectional

Color bounce: yes

Gobo wheel 1: 7 + open rotary gobos, position change

Gobo wheel 2: 7 + open static gobo

Gobo diameter: external 27 mm, internal 20 mm

Animation effects: yes (distinctive)

Gobo Shake: yes

DMX channels: 29/30/20/22

Prism: rotary, 3 facet

Frost: yes

Strobe rate: adjustable

RDM function: yes

Arm, head and base temp. indicator: yes

Fan: automatically regulated operation

Power supply: AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Max power consumption: 590 W

Voltage: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz

Hibernation function: yes – in case of DMX signal loss

Display: LCD, 2.4-inch, transparent and colorful

Display menu: multilingual, including Polish

Display autolock: yes

Display flip: yes

Zoom: adjustable in the range of 5-50°

Autofocus: yes

Iris: yes (quick)

PSU: electronic with automatic range adjustment

Power connector: PowerCon

DMX connectors: 3- and 5-pin IN/OUT

ArtNet: yes

Fuse: T 8 A, 250 V

Dimensions: 369 x 250 x 658 mm

Weight: 25 kg

Original packaging and filling: yes