EVOLIGHTS 18x15W WALL WASHER ZOOM – professional outdoor LED illuminator with the possibility of remote control, RDM support, color macros and dimmer curves, designed for use on music and theater stages as well as in architectural lighting.

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Product description:

EVOLIGHTS 18x15W RGBW LED WALL WASHER ZOOM 7-58° is a high-class, professional LED floodlight with the possibility of wireless control, characterized by a high degree of protection (IP65), which is widely used as external and internal architectural, stage and theater lighting.

The device is equipped with 18 strong, 15-watt LEDs operating in the RGBW color palette, which is its main light source, and 42 RGB LEDs with a power of 0.2W creating an illuminating background. The diode system is located behind the sliding plate with the lens system, which by changing its position relative to the LEDs can focus or diffuse light at an angle of 7 to 58°. The lens matrix maintains the uniformity of the emitted light spot, thanks to which the light is distributed evenly over the illuminated surface. The device’s features allow the unit to glow statically, change colors smoothly, step by step, create a rainbow effect, act as a strobe, and control each of the three horizontally arranged strings of six LEDs separately.

Wall washer components are enclosed in an aluminum alloy housing. Panel with a LED system has been installed above the base and it has the possibility of almost 180-degree tilting, which allows it to be positioned precisely relative to the illuminated surface. In the rear part of the base there are power sockets (including the so-called “pass on” enabling voltage to be supplied directly from the device to the device) and a 3-pin XLR input and output for sending DMX control signals. All ports are covered with rubber plugs, thanks to which dust, moisture and rain drops do not get inside.

Control panel – in the form of a readable TFT 2.4-inch display and four convenient touch buttons – has been installed in the front part of the LED floodlight base. With its help, we can choose the static color of the emitted light or choose one of the offered modes of operation of the device:

  • Auto (Stand Alone), in which the reflector works independently using built-in color macros as well as programs and work styles;

  • Master/Slave, when in order to achieve consistency of operation of all units, LED backlights are connected together in groups by means of DMX sockets and cables and the first device in the chain determines the way the whole team works;

  • DMX512, when external control panels and lighting controllers are used to manage the operation of the unit or group of devices;

  • Wireless DMX, when controlling the operation of a device or combination of devices is carried out by means of external controllers in a wireless manner.

18x15W RGBW LED WALL WASHER ZOOM 7-58 ° is an advanced, yet easy to use LED wall washer, offering a number of professional functions related to modern stage and architectural lighting. It is appreciated by light producers in theaters and landscape architecture engineers. It perfectly illuminates the theatrical scenery, as well as the facades of buildings (restaurants, hotels, inns, churches, monuments) and interior design elements.

Technical specification:

Rated voltage: AC100V ~ 240V, 50-60Hz

Rated power: 280W

Light source: 18x15W RGBW LED + 42×0,2W RGB

LED feed current: 1A

Zoom angle: 7-58°

Level of security: IP65

8 DMX modes: 3/4-1/4-2/5/15/16-1/16-2/22/34

DMX input: 3-pin Seetronic J3F2C-W

DMX output: 3-pin Seetronic K3F2C-W

Power supply connection: Seetronic PowerCon In/Out (SAC3MPX/SAC3FPX)

3 types of DMX mode: DMX512, wireless DMX, master/slave

Control: via Wireless DMX 2.4G

Address setting and search: bidirectional RDM technology

Software update: via DMX connector

Work temperature: -20°C ~ 40°C

DMX functions: dimmer, strobe, RGBW, macro, color jumps, color change, rainbow, auto­matic program­ming, automatic speed, dimmer curve selection, fun­ction setting

Stand Alone mode: color jumps, gradual color chan­ges, auto, master/slave, macro, sta­tic, color sett­ings, rainbow, automatic mode

Housing material: aluminum alloy

Housing color: black

Control panel: 2.4-inch TFT display + four touch butt­ons

Refresh rate: optional 800, 1200, 2000, 3600 Hz

Full-range dimmer: 0-100%

2 types of dimmer mode: linear and curve based

4 dimmer curves: Linear, Sqaure, S-Curve, Inverted Sqa­ure

Cooling system: fan cooling (waterproof fan with inte­lligent speed selection)

Strobe effect: Ramp Up Random, Ramp Down Ran­dom, Pulse Random, Strobe Break Effect (5 – 1 sec.), random strobe, flash frequency 0-20Hz

Intelligent protection: against temperature changes to ensure the durability of LEDs

Certification: CE, ROHS

Device dimensions: 389 x 296 x 170 mm

Package dimensions: 420 x 380 x 240 mm

Net weight: 9,7 kg

Gross weight: 10,7 kg

Original packaging and filling.