FOG 1200

FOG 1200

Evolights Fog 1200 – professional fog machine (smoke generator, fog generator) controlled by a wired or wireless re­mote control, equipped with the Immediate Stop system, ideal for use on closed sta­ges, in discos and during various types of events.

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Product description

Evolights Fog 1200 is a fully professional fog machine (smoke generator, fog generator) with a power of 1200 watts, with the possibility of control via wired and wireless remote control. The device is equipped with the Immediate Stop system for stopping smoke emission, fluid tank with a capacity of 1.2 liter and fluid level sensor. It is ready to work after just 4 minutes. Perfect for closed music stages, during performances, shows, as well as in dance clubs and discos.

In the back of the machine body there are sockets for connecting a wired remote control and wireless remote control receiver. Thanks to the metal housing and solid handle, the smoke machine can be hung on ramps and stage trusses. Then it can be operated remotely using a wireless remote control, which is very convenient when installing the device in hard-to-reach places. The generator is able to fill the cubic capacity of over 400 cubic meters within 1 minute. Thanks to this, this smoke production machine is perfect for wedding halls, dance floors, as well as during proms, 18th birthsdays and various types of entertainment events. It is also a perfect complement to the offer of event companies and mobile DJs. This is a professional, yet relatively cheap smoke generator in this equipment class, available at the best price from the Music Express store!

Technical specification

Power supply: AC230V, 50/60 Hz

Power: 1200W

Heat-up time: 4 min.

Smoke emission: 420 m³/min.

Output time: 11 sec. (± 3 sec.)

Tank capacity: 1,2 L

Control: wired and wireless remote control

Immediate Stop system: yes

Fluid level sensor: yes

Dimensions: 382 x 270 x 195 mm (without handle)

Weight: 5 kg

Included: wired remote control, wireless remote control, user manual

Original packaging and filling.