Very strong LED head based on high-quality optics, equipped with electronic zoom and focus and RDM. One of the leading EVOLIGHTS products emitting a very bright beam of light with sharp edges. The head is incredibly fast and quiet.

SKU: 5907780142096.

Product description

iQ-281H is an improved version of the popular iQ-280H head. This hybrid moving head is adapted to act as a beam, spot or wash, depending on the user’s needs and re­quirements. The Osram Sirus HRI 281W discharge lamp and the unique optical system provide excellent beam brightness with clear edges and high sharpness. The beam angle for the spot is from 5.5 to 23° and for the beam from 2 to 10°. The wash effect is ensured by the frost function in connection with the wider beam angle setting. With high functionality and versatility, the device has a relatively low weight (17 kg). The iQ-281H reflector is also a circular 8F prism and a linear 6F (both bidirectional), electronic autofocus, fast zoom and 3 wheels, including one with 13 colors + open, static gobo wheel and rotary gobo wheel. The device can compete with the best heads on the market, while maintaining very high quality and a relatively low price. A number of technological solutions and professional performance put the iQ-281H as an extremely tempting option among professional equipment, intended for large and small stages, for television or theater.

Technical specification

Light source: OSRAM Sirius HRI 281 W discharge lamp

Lamp life: ~2.000 hours

Illuminance: 14852 lm

Beam mode (2°): 580947 lx @ 5 m

Spot mode (5,5°): 71161 lx @ 5 m

Control: Remote on/off via DMX

Light source – power supply: impulse

Adjustable beam angle: 2-10° (beam mode), 5,5-23° (spot mode)

Autofocus: yes

Dimmer: full-range (0-100%)

Pan: 630° (3.8 sec) or 540° (3.18 sec)

Tilt: 265° (2.8 sec)

Rainbow effect: bidirectional

Colors: color wheel (13 colors + open), color assign­ment option

Color bounce: yes

Rotary gobo wheel: 9 glass + open

Static gobo wheel: 14 + open

Gobo shake: yes

Gobo patterns: expressive and characteristic

DMX channels: 20/24/14/16

Zoom: yes

Temperature indicator: designed for casing, arm and light source

Prism: 6-linear + 8-arm

Stroboscope frequency: adjustable

RDM function: yes

Option of software upgrade: via DMX

Hibernation function: in case of a loss of DMX signal

Display: 2.4-inch, transparent and colorful, with multi­lin­gual menu

Display orientation change (flip): yes

Display autolock: yes

Frost: yes

16-bit range of movements: yes

Autorepositioning: yes

Fan speed: automatically adjustable

Max power consumption: 430 W

PSU: electronic (automatic range ad­justment)

PowerCon connector: in/out

DMX connector: 3+5 pin

Input voltage range: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz

Packaging and filling: original

Dimensions: 369 x 623 x 324 mm

Weight: 17 kg