EVOLIGHTS NEO SPOT 130Wprofessional stage LED moving head equipped with a 130 watt white LED, eight color wheel, rotational and indexable gobo wheel with 7 modern patterns, 4-facet rotational prism, electronic focus and manual zoom.

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Product description

EVOLIGHTS NEO SPOT 130W is professional stage LED moving head which light source is a 130 watt white LED with a color temperature of 9000 Kelvin. The head is equipped with an eight-color wheel, a rotational and indexable gobo wheel with 7 modern light beam shaping patterns, as well as a 4-facet rotational beam splitting prism. The spot sharpness is adjusted by electronic focus and manual zoom. The moving head is perfect for music stages, performances and shows, dance clubs and discos, as well as dynamic lighting for wedding bands and mobile DJs.

The LED head has a robust housing equipped with handles to allow it to be carried and installed on lighting ramps and stage trusses. The rear of the base has PowerCon type power sockets (including a ‘power linking’ connector to allow direct voltage transfer from unit to unit), as well as a 3-pin XLR type input and output to control the LED head via DMX protocol. The front control panel has a digital display and 4 buttons to navigate through the menus and select from several available operating modes:

  • auto – in this mode, the LED spot works autonomously based on built-in programmes responsible for movement and the way it lights up;
  • sound – sound control mode, using a highly sensitive microphone installed in the body of the housing;
  • master/slave – a synchronous operation mode, in which units are connected to each other in groups via DMX sockets and cable, and the way the first NEO head in the line works is mirrored by the other lights;
  • DMX – when external controllers and control panels are used to control the operation of the lights.

EVOLIGHTS NEO SPOT 130W moving head is an excellent stage light that has been designed for various lighting installations. Thanks to its light weight, the LED spotlight is highly mobile and its internal mechanisms and functions allow it to be used in almost any situation. The equipment can work as a dynamic disco light, stage spotlight or theatrical spot in houses and cultural centres. It is also worth mentioning that, compared to other devices of this class currently available on the market, the EVOLIGHTS NEO SPOT 130W is also a relatively inexpensive LED moving head, the highest quality of which is guaranteed by the Evolights brand!

Technical specification

Light source: 130W white LED

Color temperature: 9000K

Beam angle: 12 – 17°

Power consumption: max 147W

Voltage: 100~240V, 50/60Hz

Fuse: F4A/250V

Power connector: PowerCon („power linking” included)

DMX input/output: 3-pin XLR

Color wheel: 8 colors + open

Gobo wheel: 7 patterns (rotational, indexable, Gobo Shake)

Prism: 4-facet, rotational

Focus: electronic

Zoom: manual

Operation modes: auto, sound, master/slave, DMX

DMX channels: 8/15

PAN: 540°

TILT: 270°

PAN/TILT movements reversal: yes

Dimmer: linear 0-100%

Strobe: 1-25 fps

Display: OLED

Net weight: 7 kg

Included: power cable, mounting bracket, manual

Original packaging and filling.