EVOLIGHTS LASER RGB Animation – professional stage laser projector, with which we can create interesting light shows, equipped with 3 lasers – red, green and blue – with a total power of 400 milliwatts, and 51 built-in, animated effects.

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Product description

EVOLIGHTS LASER RGB Animation is a professional yet easy-to-use laser projector with which we can create interesting light shows. The device is equipped with 3 lasers – red, green and blue – with a total power of 400 milliwatts, as well as 51 built-in animated effects.

The device’s electronic components are housed in a robust, cube-shaped case. On its rear side, there is an IEC-type power socket, input and output for DMX control signals and safety key lock to prevent accidental laser activation. This part of the body also houses a control panel in the form of a digital LED display and four buttons. Using these, we can adjust the speed of the laser animation display, address the unit or simply select one of the four modes of operation we are interested in:

  • auto, in which the laser operates automatically using 51 internal patterns and animations;
  • sound, in which the projected patterns change to the rhythm of music thanks to a highly sensitive built-in microphone;
  • master/slave, when the units are connected in series via DMX cables and work in groups, with the first in line controlling the operation of the other units;
  • DMX, when external controllers are used to manage the operation of the projector;

EVOLIGHTS Laser RGB Animation is a colourful animation scanner, which is ideal for all kinds of events, discos, clubs, as well as cultural centres, companies and various types of institutions. It is ideal for decorating architectural spaces with light and displaying animated patterns on them.

Technical specification

Input voltage: AC220-240V, 50/60Hz

Total power: 15W

Laser power: 400 mW (R: 200 mW/638 nm, G: 50 mW/520 nm, B: 150 mW/450 nm)

Laser safety: class 4

Fuse: BGDP ¢ 5x20mm 250VAC F2A

Control mode: Auto, Sound, Master/Slave, DMX

DMX channels: 13

Scanning system: 15 Kpps scanner, ±30º

Built-in patterns: 51

Operating temp: 10-65°C

IP code: IP20

Modulation: TTL

Dimensions: 188 x 193 x 173 mm

Weight: 2.4 kg

Original packaging and filling.