EVOLIGHTS NEO BEAM 100Wprofessional LED moving head, equipped with a powerful 100-watt LED, 13-color wheel, 11 gobo patterns, 6+12-facet prism, frost filter and electronic focus.

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Product description

EVOLIGHTS NEO BEAM 100W is a professional LED moving head that is ideal as stage lighting for concerts, performances, galas, shows and presentations, in dance clubs and discos as well as a lighting fixture for DJs, bands and event companies. The beam head is equipped with a powerful 100 watt white LED. The narrow beam angle creates a concentrated and light-saturated beam with white color temperature of 9000 Kelvin.

EVOLIGHTS NEO BEAM 100W has a color wheel with thirteen light coloring filters and a gobo wheel with 11 beam shaping patterns. A interesting effect is created by a rotational prism with six and twelve facets to create striking rosettes as well as a frost filter to disperse the concentrated light beam. Electronic focus, a full-range dimmer and a strobe function with flash frequency adjustment are also a great advantage of the LED beam light.

The LED head base is equipped with a power input and output. This makes it possible to transfer voltage directly from one unit to another and reduce the cabling required to a minimum. Control via DMX protocol is enabled by 3-pin XLR connectors. On the front, there is a control panel consisting of a color OLED display and 4 buttons for menu navigation. Using these, we can set the basic operating parameters of the light as well as indicate one of the unit’s four modes of operation:

  • auto – the stage head uses built-in programmes and lighting styles;
  • sound – the light uses a sensitive microphone installed in the body of the enclosure to synchronise its operation with the sounds and rhythm of the music coming from the environment;
  • master/slave – devices are combined to form groups and the first LED head in the line controls the synchronous operation of the entire group;
  • DMX – external lighting controllers are used to control a single light or a group of connected devices.

EVOLIGHTS NEO BEAM 100W LED moving head is an excellent choice for anyone involved in the stage lighting design. The beam light offers quite a few interesting functions while being versatile and relatively inexpensive. It can be used at various types of events: weddings, 18th birthday parties, proms, New Year’s Eve parties, concerts, pubs, discos and cultural centres. It is the ideal lighting for a DJ, event band, music club or stage company, available at a great price!

Technical specification

Light source: 100W white LED

Color temperature: 9000K

Beam angle: 3°

Color wheel: 13 colors + open

Gobo wheel: 11 patterns + open, Gobo Shake

Prisms: 6+12-facet, rotational

Frost filter: yes

Focus: electronic

Dimmer: 0-100%

Strobe: 1-25 flashes/sec.

Operation modes: auto, sound, master/slave, DMX

DMX channels: 8, 15

Display: OLED

Power connector: PowerCon input/output

DMX connector: XLR 3-pin input/output

Input voltage: AC 100-240V, 50/60 Hz

Max power consumption: 120W

Dimensions: 246 x 229 x 353 mm

Weight: 6,4 kg

Included: mounting brackets, power cable, manual

Original packaging and filling.